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Two new books co-authored by Aspen Group Senior partners Linda J. Dawson and Randy Quinn have been released. "Good Governance is a Choice" is a detailed presentation of The Aspen Group's own Coherent Governance® model, and is both an introduction to the model for boards interested in exploring Coherent Governance principles and a continuing reference guide for boards using the model.

The second book,"Boards That Matter," is a step-by-step guide for implementing both Coherent Governance® and Policy Governance®. For boards that have adopted either model, it is a no-nonsense recipe for translating theory into practice.

Both books are published by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Copies may be ordered directly from the publisher (rowman.com/RLEducation) or from your favorite book store.
Choosing to govern well: You make the choice, and we'll make it happen!

Based upon our combined 60-plus years of experience working with boards, we believe that, with few exceptions, board members begin their work with the best of intentions. They want to add value to the organization the board leads. But we observe repeatedly that when those same members conclude their service, they leave disappointed at the scant difference they were able to make.

What goes wrong?

The real problem predated the members' joining the board. Those enthusiastic volunteers became members of an organization whose governing structure—or the lack of it—was so inadequate that the board never had a chance to make any real, lasting difference. Those members' disappointment was internalized, quite naturally, but it should have been recognized for what it was: systemic deficiency that blocked any likelihood that the board could provide any meaningful leadership for the organization.

Our work has taken us to most of the 50 states and to three continents as we have consulted with hundreds of those boards. During the past 15 years, our work has centered on Policy Governance®, the model created by John Carver, and more recently on our own variation of that model, Coherent Governance®.

The evolution to Coherent Governance has created the means for boards to govern at a level of excellence unprecedented in our experience. We believe Coherent Governance to be the most viable "operating system" available today for boards committed to lead the organizations they serve.


If boards are to succeed in the challenge to add value to the organizations for which they are responsible, they must find the way to become simultaneously more active, but less intrusive. They must make a conscious choice to create a system that enables the board to exercise the same quality of leadership and governance performance the board expects from the operational organization.

We know how to help them do that.

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Reinventing/Wisdom Sharing 2014

AGI's June 18 "Reinventing Your Board" and June 19-20 "Wisdom Sharing" Conferences now are history, and participant ratings and comments indicate that both hit their marks for quality training and extraordinary sharing opportunities among Coherent Governance participants. A total of 32 conference registrants from throughout the US and Canada were eager to both learn and share successes and frustrations they have encountered along their journey toward governing excellence .

Below are a few participant comments resulting from post-conference evaluations:

From Board Members:

“ I really liked the open and honest discussions amongst all of the attendees – a variety of perspectives and guidance.” Doriena Longmire, board member, Harrison SD 2 in Colorado Springs

“I like the case studies – very helpful!” Joyce Leigh, board member, Harrison SD2 in Colorado Springs

“The conversation regarding how to implement the model at a practical level was very helpful to me.” Lynn Ferguson, trustee, Calgary Public Schools

From District Administrators:

“Having the ability to network with others in like roles – sharing our wisdom and questions.” Rosalie Daca, Chief Academic Officer, Racine Unified School District

“We liked the dual perspective of hearing from senior administration and Board members at the same time. Seeing real templates and sample reports from school districts using Coherent Governance.” Nancy Peterson and Sonia Boctor, Edmonton Public Schools

"I liked the time spent allowing the participants to learn from one another.” Eric N. Gallien, chief of staff, Racine Unified in WI

“I greatly appreciated the job-a-like groups. Make sure that you keep this practice and keep the case studies … great approach! Dr. André Spencer, CEO of Harrison SD2 in Colorado Springs

“It being participant driven and a more open format. I felt like I was able to engage and interact rather than just get fed information.” Alicia Severson, executive assistant, West Fargo Public Schools in North Dakota

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